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Collectors Plates

Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Tutenkhamun, Eqyptian, Norman Rockwell, Christmas, Walt Disney,
Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Pinochhio, Casablannca, Beauties of the Red Mansion and other plates

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Here is a listing of most of our plates
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Tutankhamun and His Princess
Tutankhamun Banquet in the Royal Gardens
Tutankhamun Fishing on the Nile
Tutankhamun True Loves of the New Kingdom
Tutankhamun Ancient Game of Senet

The Golden Mask of Tutankhamun
The Reformer King, Akhenaten
Cleopatra - Empress and Enchantress
Hatsheput the Pharaoh Queen
Nefertiti-The Eternal Beauty
Ramses II - The Warrior Pharaoh

Elvis Presley - Entertainer of the Century Guitar Plate Collection
1974, Elvis Presley Aloha from Hawaii
1974, Elvis Presley The Vegas Legend
1974, Elvis Presley The Superstar
1975, Elvis Presley The Phoenix
1975, Elvis Presley The Spirit
1977, Elvis Presley The Dream
Elvis PresleyThe Comeback
Elvis PresleyThe Inspiration
Elvis PresleyThe Passion
1971, Elvis PresleyThe Vision
1971, Elvis PresleyThe Encore

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Beauties of the Red Mansion Imperial Jingezhen Porclean
1986 Yuan-chun Plate #2
1986 Hsi-Feng Plate #3
1988 Hsiang-yun Plate #10

Dono della Saggezza- Madonne del RinascimentoBradex 38-V90-5.1I1
The Gift of Wisdom and Maternal Love
Hand Cast and Hand finished in Tuscany, Italy - Alabaster

Hollyhock Cottage
Cottage of Olde England
Davenport Studios - Detailed

Hallelujah Schumann Imperial Christmas Plate
1987 Bavaria Shumann #9 #2254
Edition limited to 10,000

Walt Disney
1987 Mickeys Birthday Party - 1942 - Disney # 2653 A
1987 Mickeys Birthday Party- through the Years
1987 Through the Years - The BraveLittle Tailor
1989 Cinderella - A Dream is a wish your heart makes
1989 Mary Poppins - A Spoonful of Sugar

The Beatles
1991 Live in Concert
1992 Beatles 65
1992 Yesterday and Today
1992 Help
and more

Norman Rockwell Plates
1985 A Young Girl's Dream
1989 Jolly Old St. Nick holding pepsi of 1952
1986 Sitting Pretty C
1987 Grandma's Surprise
1985 A Couple's Commitment
1990 Back to School

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Motion Picture
1990 Casablanca - We'll always have Paris A
1990 Casablanca - Here's Looking At You Kid
1989 Mary Poppins
1989 Pinocchio - Geppetto Creates Pinocchio
1990 Singin in the Rain - Singin in the Rain
1990 Singin in the Rain - Good Morning
1990 Home From Camp

Star Trek
1994 The Vogage Home
1994 Startrek The Next Generation - Best of Both Worlds

Star Trek Belt Gold and Silver Trimmed Buckle

Other Collectibles
Elvis Presley The Best of Elvis Playing Cards - 54 Full Color Photos
First Ever Series - ProSet Super Stars MusiCards - All Rock & Roll
Unopened case of 4 Coca Cola Brand Pencils conforms to ASTM
April 12 - 1991 First Man in Space Yuri Gagarin

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